vim surround: quick cheatsheet

Adding ys (you surround)

ys takes a valid vim motion or text object as first argument

  • ysiw" : surround inner word with "

  • yss] : surround current line with ]

  • ys2aw* : add * around 2 words

The vS mapping

  • vS" : visually surround selected text with "

Spicy Stuff

  • yswt : prompt & surround with a html tag

If a t or < is specified, Vim prompts for an HTML/XML tag to insert (also supports adding attributes)

  • yswf : prompt & surround with a function call

If a f is specified, Vim prompts for an function name to insert (use F to add space around ())

Changing cs (change surround)

Takes 2 arguments a target to replace & a replacement character

  • cs]) : change surrounding [] with ()

  • cst<h3> : change surrounding html tag with h3

Deleting ds (delete surround)

  • ds" : delete surrounding "

  • dst : delete surrounding tag (HTML)

Do :helpg surround for more docs.

Thanks tpope!

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