All .odp files are zip archives

Posted on 18 Sep, 2023

The OpenDocument Presentation format is a zip archive containing XML files. You can unzip it using the unzip command.

Archive:  sample.odp
 extracting: mimetype
   creating: Configurations2/accelerator/
   creating: Configurations2/images/Bitmaps/
   creating: Configurations2/toolpanel/
   creating: Configurations2/floater/
   creating: Configurations2/statusbar/
   creating: Configurations2/toolbar/
   creating: Configurations2/progressbar/
   creating: Configurations2/popupmenu/
   creating: Configurations2/menubar/
  inflating: settings.xml
 extracting: Thumbnails/thumbnail.png
  inflating: content.xml
  inflating: meta.xml
  inflating: META-INF/manifest.xml
  inflating: styles.xml

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