Internet search tips & tricks for developers

Posted on 7 June, 2020

All of the below mentioned tips works in both DuckDuckGo & Google (i use both 😉), it should work fine in other search engines too.

  1. file:pdf golang

    Use it to search for books, presentations or specific file types

  2. templates

    Use it to look for occurence of some phrases in the URL of the website mentioned. inurl look for templates phrase.

  3. synatx error

    Limit search results to a specific site, good for looking for bug fixes.

  4. "how to add pagination in django"

    Double quotes can be used for exact matches of the phrase (doesn't work sometimes).

  5. related:

    Related specifier, "related:" returns the root domain of similar websites

  6. intitle:best vim plugins

    Intitle specifier returns results that contains your searched word in the title.

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