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Why Reverse ETL

Posted on 30 March, 2023
Today’s businesses rely heavily on OLAP solutions to gain insights from multiple sources of data. Your data warehouse sitting at the center becomes a single source of truth for the business. But how can you leverage these insights to drive the business further? On top of that not all users inside your business will have access to your warehouse plus utilizing the tools like SQL can become a problem for non-technical folks.
  • Using Reverse ETL to build a data pipeline from your OLAP solutions like Snowflake back to your transactional databases like Postgres can help you make your data actionable thus operationalize data throughout the organisation.
  • In reverse ETL strategy the data warehouse becomes the source, rather than the target. Pushing insights learned from this collected data from the warehouse to the right team inside your organisation be it Sales, Support etc who can be most benefited from it can reduce the friction and increase the business growth.
  • What's more, reverse ETL can help eliminate manual data processes such as data-entry, keeping track of correct data in multiple sources.