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Get Total System Memory using `vmstat` command

Posted on 31 May 2020
vmstat -s | grep "total memory" | grep -Eo '[0-9]{1,}'
This will print the total memory (your RAM) in highlighted text.
The command vmstat -s is usually used to print memory statistics a sample output might look like
1882140 K total memory
644068 K used memory
861172 K active memory
653200 K inactive memory
217160 K free memory
55140 K buffer memory
965772 K swap cache
2097148 K total swap
230400 K used swap
1866748 K free swap
169316 non-nice user cpu ticks
4939 nice user cpu ticks
37944 system cpu ticks
666678 idle cpu ticks
53315 IO-wait cpu ticks
0 IRQ cpu ticks
693 softirq cpu ticks
0 stolen cpu ticks
2554778 pages paged in
1429680 pages paged out
40722 pages swapped in
191481 pages swapped out
3487312 interrupts
10042547 CPU context switches
1590932382 boot time
9975 forks