Questions to ask in an interview

Posted on 22 Jan, 2022

  1. What’s the biggest priority for the team right now?

  2. Why is this role open?

  3. What’s the biggest challenge for someone stepping into this role?

  4. How does the org structure on the team work?

  5. What a typical day is like?

  6. Is the product live in production? If not, what's the schedule for developing it? (Particularly valid for early stage & stealth startups)

  7. How often are releases done?

  8. Do you have a favorite part of the job? Least favorite?

  9. Budget for conferences?

  10. Management style/structure? Frequent catch-ups aka one-on-ones? Something else?

  11. Learning opportunities?

  12. Ask about last employee who left, what was the reason?

  13. How managers/senior folks help coach employees through a weakness.

  14. How often feedback is given to you and collected from you.


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