Record your Desktop using `ffmpeg`

  1. 1.
    Make sure you have ffmpeg installed, by checking ffmpeg -version. If not install use sudo apt-get install ffmpeg.
  2. 2.
    Run the following command.
ffmpeg -video_size 1280x1024 -framerate 25 -f x11grab -i :0.0+0,0 -c:v libx264rgb -crf 0 -preset ultrafast output.mkv
  • -video_size specifies the size of the recorded area. If you have a different screen size, use that instead of 1920x1080. If you want to record only an area of the screen, specify the area size here.
  • -framerate specifies the frame rate, i. e. how many frames of video are recorded in a second. The lowest allowed framerate is 20.
  • -f x11grab is what actually tells FFmpeg to record your screen. You shouldn't change that.
  • -i :0.0+0,0 is where you specify the x and y offset of the top left corner of the area that you want to record. For example, use :0.0+100,200 to have an x offset of 100 and an y offset of 200.
  • -c:v libx264rgb -crf 0 -preset ultrafast are encoding options. These specify a fast and lossless recording.
Run xdpyinfo | grep 'dimensions:' to know your monitor dimensions